Privacy Policy

Mobile Application KJV Bible does not collect any of your personal data. Period.

In order for us to collect your personal data, we must have a database, server and a lot of time in order to manage all of this, which we simply do not have. In addition, we do not have any extra money for a server and a database to hold any of your personal data.

Everything that you use within the app, stays in your app, with one exception when you decide to backup the app to your cloud provider, but this is outside the scope of our mobile application.

While using our KJV Bible application, it may from time to time crash and close unexpectedly, in a similar way like many other apps do nowadays. In case that this happen, you can not hold us liable for this. In the unlikely event of this happening, we just might try to fix this issue in the further releases. If you have noticed such a behaviour, please feel free to report it on the Information screen provided within the Mobile Application.

This website is installed with Google Analytics, this would allow us to understand how many people have visited this website, below you can find more information on it.